Why iOrder?

iOrder is part of  Standard Insights’ tech stack.  We go beyond traditional digital menus that simply upload your information and attach a self-pay gateway. We make your contactless dining experience smarter using Artificial Intelligence. We promote safety, growth, and customer loyalty from insights gleaned from your guests’ data.

Personalized Menu Recommendations

Our AI algorithms make recommendations based on your restaurant’s menu and your guests’ past experiences.   We also give you the ability to make upsell-cross sell food and drink recommendations.

  • Guest’s favorite foods
    • Todd – steak + mashed potatoes
    • Jennifer – seared salmon + garden salad
  • Food drink combinations
    • Todd – steak + mashed potatoes + California Zinfandel
    • Jennifer – seared salmon + garden salad + Pinot Noir
  • Weather based food recommendations
    • Winter – soup
    • Summer – ice cream

Personalization can deliver five to eight times the ROI on marketing spend, and lift sales by 10% or more. -McKinsey

Data-Driven Marketing Outreach

Giving your guests a safe and pleasurable experience with contactless ordering and contactless payment is the first important phase.  Once established, the next critical step is building customer loyalty once your guests have finished their meal.   This is accomplished with our growth marketing platform that helps you target the right person, with their favorite menu item(s), at the right time.  Your guests will already have made their choices before they step foot in your restaurant.  We help your restaurant become competitive in data driven world with marketing precision using AI.

83% of AI adopters are already seeing rapid and positive changes. –Deloitte

Predictive And Prescriptive Analytics

Food costs are rising.  Menus are shrinking.  We can help identify what’s likely to sell from insights gotten from your data.  Going beyond descriptive analytics (what happened in the past), predictive analytics (what’s likely to happen), and prescriptive analytics (next best course of action), our AI-algorithms gives you the additional power to help mitigate costs in an industry with slim margins.

The benefits of predictive and prescriptive analytics go far beyond sales conversions.  They bleed down into time savings, efficiencies, human capital, and transaction costs.   – Converge Technology + Business


Partner With Us

The next big AI-driven customer engagement platform for the restaurant and hospitality verticals needs a network of visionary business leaders to accelerate its growth.


  • Referral Partnership – Receive a sizable, recurring commission from deals that we close.
  • White Label Partnership – Are you a restaurant/hospitality consultant or digital marketer that seeks to make yourself unique? We give you the ability to market our platform as your own to make your business competitive.
  • Equity Partnership – Are you someone that has deep ties in the restaurant or hospitality verticals? This option gives you the opportunity to get in the ground floor of an exploding, AI-driven contactless menu platform.